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Calls meant for Wrinkles The Killer Clown accidentally routed to Program Director

"You assigned me a killer clowns number, can you please change it?"
An OCHS Program Director more...

Free Voice Dictation In Browser

Dictation ScreenshotThere's no question more...

Slaying Power Vampires this Halloween

Halloween is a time of year where attention turns to things like vampires. The worst type of vampire we have ever faced is one that robs power. Being off-grid forces one to be more aware of power usage. For the past couple of years, we have been running a laptop on a battery bank charged by solar and wind energy. An inverter converts the 12-volt power into 120 volts to charge the laptop.  more...

Translate Foreign Memes!


Twitter Tries to Win Back Developers with New API

Internet Marketers Demand Better

What Advertisers Want: Transparency for The DSP

Solar Cooker Projects

Windows 10 Technical Preview Revisited

Progress Assisting Seattle PD with Massive Video Project

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Why "Free Software" is better than "Open Source"

We would like to thank Anchorage lawyer, Stephen Merril for providing excellent legal services at reasonable cost to clients.


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Web Design Made Easy

The free TML turns simple wiki markup into full W3C standard web pages. We used it to design the site you are visiting now! read more

Truck Game Template

A while back we created a Blender 2.45 template for an off-road truck racing game. It is up to you to finish it! Download the blend file here.


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