DIY Myopia & Astigmatism Test

Many parts of the world lack access to adequate and affordable eye care. With this test it might be possible to get the numbers and order glasses online, track a prescription, or see if it's changing.*

SPH: CYL: Axis:

  1. Use a desktop computer or large tablet
  2. Remove eyeware
  3. Cover one eye
  4. Click on line that is least blurry.
    • You may have to move closer or farther away.
    • When one line of each color is clear enough, click between to get axis.
  5. Use cloth tape or tape measure to get accurate measurements from eye to screen.
    • Get within 1/2 cm. or 1/4 in. if possible for best results.
    • Farthest distance to screen when a red and green line are clear:
    • Distance to screen when remaining lines are clear: (look closer)
  6. Reading glasses: Try +1.5, YMMV. If in doubt, try them on at the store.


*This not meant as a substitute for visiting an eye doctor every two years because they can spot diseases that if caught early could save a lot of trouble later on. Accuracy depends on the operator and the quality of measurements. As little as 1/4" can make a big difference. Testing phase: Not sure if 100% accurate, but it works for the author.

This information is provided with absolutely no warranty!