CKEditor Speech+ Voice Editor Plugin

A full-featured text / HTML editor in the browser now with speech recognition. Even better, Speech+ has voice-operated editing commands for nearly hands-free editing. CKEditor with Speech+ is perfect for mobile, library, and school computers that don't allow software to be installed. We use it all the time.

Now available on GitHub.

Using Voice Commands

Press the maximize Alt+M button in the toolbar for an ad-free experience.

Dictation Screenshot

Try it.

More Spoken Commands

Spoken Command Action
make a link to <a href="
with link text ">...</a>
whoops (or undo) undo recent edits
maximize expand editor
select all select all text
select [spoken text] find and select spoken text
delete that delete selection
backspace delete a character to the left of selection
beginning of line move cursor to the beginning of the line
beginning of document move cursor to the beginning of the document
end of line move cursor to the end of the line
end of document move cursor to the end of the document
mute turn off microphone


Command Hotkey
Start dictation: Alt+D
Dictation help: Alt+F1
Remove format: Alt+Shift+F
Right justify: Alt+Shift+R
Left justify: Alt+Shift+L
Center: Alt+Shift+E
Source: Ctrl+Enter
Create link: Ctrl+Shift+L
Maximize: Ctrl+M


There's no question online voice dictation can speed up productivity. Of all the FREE voice dictation apps we tested, ListNote and the Speechkeys voice typing keyboard (links to the Android play store) stood out as some of the best, but they all left something to be desired. Using a PC is better for posting complex responses to the forums with formulas and references, but we wanted a "zero installation" web page editing app for use on locked tablets and library computers that restrict downloads of new software. Now we can have a fully-functional text / HTML editing notepad with voice dictation in a web page.

Having already authored FreeSpeech, a real-time dictation application for Linux desktop PCs, it was time to bring that experience to the web. Like many others, we chose to use The Web Speech API. The API is not designed to compete with dictation applications like DragonNaturally(TM) Speaking, and many applications based on it attest to this fact; however, when we combined it with CKEditor's powerful HTML editor and added the following features, we made it quite usable. The hands-free voice commands are a big improvement.

*Note: CKEditor is a friendly WYSIWYG editor, not a true source code editor. It automatically reformats the source in ways that advanced users may not prefer.

Spoken Symbols

Support and Development

Copying. CKEditor and our accompanying speech plugin runs in a web page. As such, web pages may be saved, modified, and re-used. It would be a simple matter to obtain CKEditor and serve it from a web server along with a mirrored copy of our speech plug-in. In fact, it would be nearly impossible to prevent that from happening.

As of this writing, the HTML5 standard Web Speech API employed by this editor requires at least Firefox 49, Chrome 33, or Edge, but support for other browsers may become available as it is in development. If Chrome does not remember the permissions of the microphone, try going to the secure site. If speech recognition does not work, it may be used as a regular notepad text editor. The editor works even while offline, but browser security may prevent JavaScript from running from a locally-saved copy. CKEditor may be served by a web server such as a local intranet if it is to be adapted strictly for offline use, or behind a firewall, such as a classroom environment. In addition, Chrome-based browsers and apps would need to communicate with Google servers (or a locally-hosted facsimile) to decode the speech information. Offline support for the Web Speech API for Chrome or fall over to the operating system's default speech recognition engine is rumored to be in development, however. Try updating.

We owe a debt to the creators of CKEditor, the makers of JavaScript, our great educational institutions, and those who have supported us over the years, and so we have to charge for our time, but we would be more than happy to help. By all means, please let us know if you want more commands or customizations, or if you want to hire us to speech-enable your website. :)

If you appreciate this plugin, as little as a dollar a month will help with development.

Privacy notice

Editing and saving occur locally on your computer, but Chrome's speech API sends recorded speech to remote servers to enable real-time speech recognition. A warning should pop up asking for permission to use the microphone. Our server does not retrieve or store any of your audio, but we have no control over what Chrome's API does with your voice recordings. We do not recommend using it for sensitive information that does not belong on public servers. Other browsers like Firefox maintain offline speech recognition solutions.

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If flash is enabled, some third-party ads may use Flash cookies to collect and store information (again, locally) for purposes similar to the above.

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