Game Development

There's nothing like a nice card game to attract visitors and keep them coming back for more. Henry Kroll made this card game for our members. Now you can have it, too! Install Blackjack on your page and watch your traffic grow!

No Plugins Necessary

Our games do not depend on Flash or other plugins. Plugins like Flash lure visitors away to download or update components. Our games use built-in features of HTML5 and JavaScript to accomplish much of the same functionality as Flash in an open and standards-compliant way.

Flash began its existence as proprietary code from a company called Macromedia, which was later bought out by Adobe. Flash has been a frequent source of bugs and security problems, so much so that recent versions of Firefox and Chrome only use it for "important" content. Google Chrome now ships its own version, PepperFlash.

Work in Progress

These pages may be updated from time to time. Web browsers like Firefox automatically caches pages for up to 72 hours. Before reporting or fixing bugs, be sure to press F5 to refresh the page.

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