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— The Nerd Show (@TheManyOne) December 7, 2014

Let it Snow

This animated snow background uses dynamic, hardware-accelerated CSS. That means there are no JavaScript animations running to slow things down. We use something similar to this technique except we employ a JavaScript loader to create the images and package it up into a one-line page widget.


  1. No image files means no extra http requests
  2. Extremely small, Only 2.5K
  3. Faster page loading
  4. No messing with stylesheets
  5. Puts snow over existing background image
  6. Also styles parent frame (same origin only)
  7. Very easy to use

Include snow anywhere in your page body, blog, profile page, etc.

<script src="//"></script>

Demo as Facebook app background here.

For best results, download the script and upload it to your web host. Then update the src to the new location. That way you don't have to rely on our server.

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