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As you can see, I am designing web sites again. Replacing all the old, bad markup with stylish new CSS rules is now easy thanks to a template markup language (TML) I am working on. My pages are checked periodically for plagiarism, spelling, and grammar. More graphical enhancements and interactive elements are on the way. One recent accomplishment was learning how to make websites "Facebook aware" so that their media content is picked up by scrapers and shown in graph search and feeds with appropriate labels and play buttons.

Enterprise web consulting

yourname.com, .net, .org, .info, etc.

Custom shopping carts, databases, e-commerce.

"Now is always the best time to get a web page!"

Millions of new Internet users every month.

Good domain names are still available.

Successful business models are emerging.

Our web pages give potential customers 24-hour access to information. Choose the E-commerce option and your customers can make purchases any time of the day or night. Your virtual store front is never "closed" or "busy". Our specially-designed sites allow customers to interact generating interest and repeat business.

E-commerce hosting: $40 / month Standard Hosting: $25 / month Economy: $10 / month
Free tech support / updates Tech support: $20 Tech support: $20
500MB space 100MB space 10MB space
unlimited email addresses 10 email addresses 2 email addresse

Update your site as often as you like via ftp.

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Henry Kroll, Professional Web Designer

Phone: 41-HENRY-KR0LL (414-367-9570)

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